Cutter’s Quarters is home to the regions finest Border Collies. Owner Judi Schmidt has a storied history of raising and training Herding dogs since1985 and Obedience training since the 60’s. Cutter's Quarters is home to the Diamond Ike line of Border Collies and has a rich history of Champion trial dogs, as well as money earners and is a complete dog facility set on 20 acres in the Central Valley.

We like to think of Cutter Quarters as herding dog heaven.

When you purchase a CQ’s Border Collie, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your new companion is the best of the bloodline and you’ve become part of the CQ’s family. Your dog will be obedience and or stockdog trained only by Judi who is intimately familiar with the Border Collie breed. Since Border Collies are the worlds smartest dogs, why not avail yourself with all the expertise you’ll ever need.

Want to train your dog? Cutters Quarters has complete training facilities.

Facilities include: Fenced rolling and flat pasture land with cattle, sheep and yes, ducks. 50’ round pen for starter dogs and 150’ round pen for cattle and water obstacles. Spectator area, parking, RV and trailer hook ups. Sheep and cattle obstacles in a closed pen as well as pasture obstacles for foot and horseback competition.  Enclosed and outdoor kennels.

Come see Judi’s legends at their home: McCallums Duke, Rodman’s Kerns, CQ’s Scottie, CQ’s Smallz, CQ's Cutter, CQ's Duke's Copy, McCallums Gator, McCallums Moxy & CQ's Redman..  Also, our girls; CQ’s Minnie, CQ’s Jazz, Carreiros Bet, 3-D Alice, CQ's Tearum & CQ's Gypsy Rose.



Black/White, Black/White Tri's & Red/White


*** Check out "cutrquarters" on YouTube to see all videos **** 

TWO RESUCUE DOGS.. needs lots of work & a good home

 This is Diamond Treat by Diamond Ike - She is the Foundation of the CQ's bloodline

also has won several Championships and a money earner


     This is Diamond Treat's Son:  Diamond Gage -

Championships & money earner



 This is Diamond Treat's  Daughter:  Diamond N Demin (DeeDee) -

Championships & money earner




This also is a Diamond Treat Daughter : Dottie is a Diamond -

who has produced top quality pups that are money earners



This is my g.granddaughter Rylee with CQ's Jazz's pups